SEEB Marine invision many expansion opportunities in the near future. The vision and support of Marassi Al Bahrain main developers, Eagle Hills, will allow SEEB Marine to execute its expansion creating new attractions and features that complement each other, attracting larger number of individuals and families. Some of their proposed features for future expansion are:


Expansion Opportunities

An area of the beach will be leveled for mixed use and events purposes. This area will be used to erect temporary shacks for beach markets or for performance stages for various proposed events.

1.  F&B Units And Shacks

These units will allow us to cater to guests with a range of food, snacks, and refreshments. This will also allow for use of development in winter season (ex. Coffee Shop).

2.  Expansion Of Watersport Center

Expansion of Jetty and non-swimming area of water will allow to add Parasailing, Scuba trips, Snorkeling trips, paddle boats, and many more Watersport activities.

3.  Exercise Stage

Based on many requests from various fitness instructors in bahrain, an exercise stage will be erected to allow for fitness instructors to conduct their classes on the beach. These include yoga, palates, cross-fit, and mixed martial arts.

4.  Events Area And Tent